I Ching

This album is based on the homonimous ancient Chinese divination text. The tracks were composed by elaborating the underlying philosophical and mathematical concepts. The musical choices were confirmed by consulting the oracle itself. "The method of the IChing does indeed take into account the hidden individual quality in things and men, and in one's own unconscious self as well.” (C. G. Jung – Zurigo, 1949)

Music byGiorgio Panico

MusiciansGiorgio Panico - bass, pipa (chinese lute)Carlo Cantini - violinEmanuele Pellegrini - drums, percussionLuca Burocchi - guitar, banjo

Recorded atStudio TeclasLuca Burocchi - engineered, mixed & masteredDaniele Marinelli - engineered

Graphic designDODICILUNE - layoutAnna gebbia - cover artwork, photosLeonardo Corgna - photos

1. Ch’ien the creative, heaven2. Sun the gentle, wind, wood3. K’an the abysmal, water4. Li the clinging, fire5. Tui the joyous, lake6. The effect of signs on building character7. K’un the receptive, earth8. The inner world arrangement9. The primal arrangement10. Chên the arousing, thunder11. Kên keeping still, mountain12. Cultural history